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> Fred Cisin said "'course, then there are the MAJOR religious battles.
> Such as VI VS EMACS."
> I cannot agree more.  I know many people who live in VI thought I cannot
> fathom why.

I worked at Red Hat briefly and SUSE for more than anywhere else in my
career. I know Vi fans in their 20s, people born well after I first
used it and disliked it on SCO Xenix.

I didn't fall in love with my first editor (probably the full-screen
BASIC editor on the Commodore PET), or with Sinclair BASIC's (which
was pretty horrible but Beta BASIC made it better:

And the SAM Coupé's BASIC -- written by the same chap -- was much more
pleasant as well.

But really nothing to love. Then I learned VAX/VMS at Uni and I didn't
love EDT, although later I learned Edlin on DOS in my first job, and
that made me miss EDT very badly.

I think it was probably only when DR-DOS and MS-DOS 5+ included decent
full-screen CUA editors that I actually found ones I _liked_ using.

Which is why I want to properly CUA-ify Emacs -- and *no* cua-mode is
_not_ an acceptable answer -- but dear hypothetical deities, the
resistance from the Emacs fans... yeesh.

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