Found my favorite DOS editor

Mike Katz bitwiz at
Tue Sep 28 16:55:07 CDT 2021

Fred Cisin said "'course, then there are the MAJOR religious battles.  
Such as VI VS EMACS."

I cannot agree more.  I know many people who live in VI thought I cannot 
fathom why.  My first screen based editor (as opposed to a text editor), 
in 1980, was John F. Wakerly's Programma Improved Editor (Pie) for the 
Flex Operating System on a Gimix 6809 system.

It was not a modal editor, the cursor keys and editing keys were active 
all the time.  So I never got used to or understood an editor where you 
had to change modes to either type or move the cursor (like VI).

Tongue in cheek here "Vi is just a semi visual front end hacked on the 
Unix line oriented text editor Ed".  Please don't flame me or start a 
war with me for saying that.  But it is true.

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