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Tue Sep 28 23:52:59 CDT 2021

On Tue, 28 Sep 2021, John Herron via cctalk wrote:
> For those of you who wrote your own editors. How did you display special
> ASCII characters? Years ago, In highschool I tried writing a hex editor (in
> qbasic so this may have been the problem) but when display anything that
> had a function like chr 07 it would activate instead of display. I gave up
> since I couldn't figure it out other than writing directly to video memory.

Writing to the video memory was the simplest and most straightforward way 
to do it, and get around QBASIC, DOS, or BIOS calls that "understand" that 
character 7 is BELL.

REP MOVSW let you copy back and forth between your own buffer and the 
screen memory in a decent amount of time.

I had stopped using BASIC by the time that QBASIC came out, but in BASIC, 
BASICA, GWBASIC (It was once "Gee Whiz BASIC", but Microsoft claims that 
they don't remember what "GW" stood for!), you can DEF SEG and then POKE

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