Linux and the 'clssic' computing world

Mike Katz bitwiz at
Mon Sep 27 09:22:15 CDT 2021

The is also the Windows Subsystem for Linux, which basically runs Linux 
under Windows.

On 9/27/2021 9:07 AM, Joshua Rice via cctalk wrote:
> Claiming one OS is better than another is always a contentious issue, 
> and i'd rather prefer that this mailing list didn't fall for the same 
> petty bickering that can be found across the internet. The fact of the 
> matter is, when it comes to emulation on x86 IBM PC compatibles, both 
> Windows and Linux are on a pretty level playing field, with most 
> emulators available on both platforms. Obviously, there's more 
> hardware platforms that support Linux (like the RPi and other ARM 
> boards), and many retro collectors use such ARM based systems for 
> emulation. However, much of the "Linux" software is in fact POSIX 
> software, and can quite easily be ported between Linux and other 
> *NIX-likes, such as Solaris, macOS and the *BSD family. As such, with 
> a bit of time and effort, most of the emulators are fairly 
> hardware-agnostic and can be ported to anything with a POSIX 
> interface, opening them up to be ported to whatever hardware and 
> software platform your heart desires.
> Josh Rice

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