Linux and the 'clssic' computing world

Joshua Rice rice43 at
Mon Sep 27 09:07:13 CDT 2021

Claiming one OS is better than another is always a contentious issue, 
and i'd rather prefer that this mailing list didn't fall for the same 
petty bickering that can be found across the internet. The fact of the 
matter is, when it comes to emulation on x86 IBM PC compatibles, both 
Windows and Linux are on a pretty level playing field, with most 
emulators available on both platforms. Obviously, there's more hardware 
platforms that support Linux (like the RPi and other ARM boards), and 
many retro collectors use such ARM based systems for emulation. However, 
much of the "Linux" software is in fact POSIX software, and can quite 
easily be ported between Linux and other *NIX-likes, such as Solaris, 
macOS and the *BSD family. As such, with a bit of time and effort, most 
of the emulators are fairly hardware-agnostic and can be ported to 
anything with a POSIX interface, opening them up to be ported to 
whatever hardware and software platform your heart desires.

Josh Rice

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