DEC KM11 (Was: DEC KL11)

Noel Chiappa jnc at
Thu Sep 23 12:38:22 CDT 2021

    > From: Mark Kahrs

There's a typo in your original Subject: line: the KL11 is a very early UNIBUS
(probably the very first UNIBUS device ever, looking at the board's Mxxx
number) asyn serial line interface:

    > manx tells me that these documents were known to exist:
    > ..
    > But they are not online.

I couldn't find out anything about the KM11 with a Web search, but I did see
that it's in the DEC PDP-11 fiche set. My set does have the KM11 Tech Manual.

I've never heard of the KM11, and as I said, there's nothing about it online.
Is it worth doing a CHWiki page for it? (With the fiche, it would be pretty
easy to whip up one covering the basics: functionality, component boards, etc.

    > So I can't say whether they are 18 bit compatible.

Huh? The KM11 doesn't plug into the UNIBUS (or QBUS); it's a MASSBUS device (a
solid-state storage device, actually), so it plugs into an RH11 or RH70 or
something like that. (I should work with the VAX MASSBUS controller, too.)
So the question 'is it 18 bit compatible' makes no sense.


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