Setting up a VMS system

Scott Quinn compoobah at
Thu Sep 23 08:12:06 CDT 2021

On Wed, 2021-09-22 at 12:00 -0500, cctalk-request at wrote:
> Currently the Hobbyist Program covers Alpha and Itanium.  We?ve been
> told it will cover x86 at some point.  I for one can?t wait for x86,
> as I don?t really want to add an Itanium to run some of the newer
> software.
> Zane

Not even that... looked at the VSI stuff and it is only the newest
Alphas that are supported. 21064/21164 and, I believe, 21264 are not
supported by any release licensed by VSI, and they changed the PRODUCER
key so you can't use those PAKs on DEC/CPQ/HP variants of VMS.

HP stopped issuing new hobbyist PAKs back very early in 2020. I put in
for a renew March or so and never got it. They were so disinterested in
the program that they didn't mention stopping it, so I guess it isn't
surprising that the page is still up.

Isn't VMS DCL pretty close to RSX? Never used RSX, but that is what I
was always told. Anyway, good system, pretty solid, expect to do a LOT
of typing for commands if you're used to UNIX, and don't put any VAX
with a public DCL account on the Internet because there is a huge
security hole in DCL that was never fixed for VAX.

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