scanning a ton of documentation

devin davison lyokoboy0 at
Wed Sep 22 14:04:58 CDT 2021


The person that refered me to my present job  at a datacenter passed away
this past monday. He was a hardware / software engineer for modcomp
computers. He left me all of the computers and documents. there are too
many books to keep, stuff concerning the modcomp computers that is not
saved anywhere else that i can tell.

I have picked up storage containers for all the books, and i can scan it
all. after that, its all probally going in the recycle bin, as i dont know
where or how i would keep such a large pile of paper manuals on hand.

what is the prefered format to upload things to bitsavers in? is pdf

How can i create a pdf that is not too big on file size? Can the text be
recognized  and be made searchable within the scanned pdf?

any input would be appreciated, Thanks.

--Devin D.

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