VAXstation 100 ROM image

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> > How the hell did I miss *that*? Cool beans device, I've never heard of a
> > VS100. Was it in a Rainbow sized box or a Pro/350 box?
> If old memories serve, you'd also need the Unibus-to-Qbus converter. I
> recall a discussion between someone from, I think DEC UK Reading, asking
> about a DEC Unibus-to-Qbus converteer. The other person said DEC didn't
> have such a device. then Vaxstation-100 was mentinoed. I expect you could
> get it to work as a Qbus device with 18-bit addresssing.

No, there's no QBus involved here.  The M7452 "UNIBUS Window Module"
connects the VS100 to the VAX via a fiber-optic link.

(DEC did make a Unibus to Qbus adapter, the DW11-B, but it was unrelated to
the VS100)

- Josh

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