HP-UX on HP 9000/217

Larkin Nickle me at larbob.org
Mon Sep 13 19:21:59 CDT 2021

Hey all,

	According to 
(see PDF page 2), it seems as if HP-UX 5.1 should work on the 9000/217. 
http://hparchive.com/Catalogs/HP-Catalog-1986.pdf also seems to confirm 
this (PDF page 71 under Series 200 Bundled Systems, it's mentioned that 
the Model 217 can run single-user HP-UX). However, there seems to be 
conflicted information based on people that I've talked to and the 
hpmuseum page with a copy of HP-UX 5.1 whether it should work at all, 
whether 5.1 is a unified release where the boot floppy should work on 
both series 200 and 300, or whether there's another boot floppy for 
series 200 which apparently has not been archived.

	I recently obtained a Model 217 and would like to know if anyone has 
more info on this, the two people that I know of that have tried it get 
a hang on boot.


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