DEC BA11-K noisy fans

Matt Burke matt at
Mon Sep 13 03:35:37 CDT 2021

On 12/09/2021 03:33, Fritz Mueller via cctalk wrote:
> Is the plastic rotor on these just a press fit?  Any tricks to getting in there for maintenance?  Or are these "you have what you have" and the only option if unsatisfied with their current performance to replace them entirely?

I replaced the bearings in the fans for two of my BA11-K units though I
seem to think they were Nidec rather than Amphenol in my case. There was
a plastic plug to remove from the centre of the rotor on the fan side
that sits in an Aluminium ring. It's pretty much impossible to prize it
out without denting the Aluminium a bit but this then gives you access
to the circlip to remove the fan.

They are like new now and the replacement bearings were quite cheap.
When I looked for new fans of this type they seemed to be well over £100


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