HP 5061-3476: Which boards go where

Chris Zach cz at alembic.crystel.com
Sat Sep 11 20:31:52 CDT 2021

> Those are correct.  I just pulled the cover off my (working) 1000 M-Series
> that has a later model supply (5061-6630 date code 2601) but has the same
> motherboard as yours (5061-1371).  J1, J2, and J5 are as above --
> Preregulator (5061-3457), Inverter (5061-3454), and Control (5061-6627).  I
> have the power fail option, so J3 is the Battery Charge card (5061-1348)
> and J4 is the Battery Backup card (5061-1349).

Ok, thanks! I just tried mine again, it's a dud so I am going to have to 
figure it out. First step was to see if the rectifier had any voltage so 
I disconnected the + side and checked it with a voltmeter. With 120v 
plugged in I saw 200v DC which is probably not too far off. That seems 
to go to the inverter card, which I don't know what it's doing with that.

Is there a block schematic of what does what on this PS?

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