HP 5061-3476: Which boards go where

J. David Bryan jdbryan at acm.org
Sat Sep 11 19:05:23 CDT 2021

On Thursday, September 9, 2021 at 21:30, Chris Zach via cctech wrote:

> Quick question: I've been cleaning out and repairing an HP5061 supply 
> for a 1000 computer. However I didn't take a picture of the 4 boards 
> when I pulled them and I want to make sure they go in the right places.
>  From the manual (page 99 of 92851-90001_Sections-IXB_Mar-1981.pdf) the
> slots are labeled A6-J1 through A6-J5. Does this mean that:
> J5 is the control board (A3A5)
> J4 is a jumper board for +12 adjustments
> J3 is unused (battery backup boards)
> J2 is the inverter board (A3A2)
> J1 is the pre-regulator board (A3A1)
> Seems right but I know how bad things can go :-)

Those are correct.  I just pulled the cover off my (working) 1000 M-Series 
that has a later model supply (5061-6630 date code 2601) but has the same 
motherboard as yours (5061-1371).  J1, J2, and J5 are as above -- 
Preregulator (5061-3457), Inverter (5061-3454), and Control (5061-6627).  I 
have the power fail option, so J3 is the Battery Charge card (5061-1348) 
and J4 is the Battery Backup card (5061-1349).

                                      -- Dave

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