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>> Hello folks,
> Hi,
>> A random conversation on twitter yesterday lead me to discovering an old 1980s LAN technology called INFAPLUG.
> Would you mind sharing link(s) to said conversation?  It sounds like one I'd like to learn from / maybe be part of.

My orginal email was pretty much it unfortunately, since it was borne out of a thread on Stag PPZ EPROM programmers.

>> This was a serial LAN hooked up via a PC serial port at 9600 baud to a ’smart plug’ the size of a wall wart. This plug contained all the smarts and hooked into the coax backbone. There were boards available for VAX amongst other things so I’m amazed I’d never heard of it.
> Interesting.
>> Has anyone else?
> I have not.
>> A small writeup is here:
> ~grumble~grumble~grumble~there goes $14~grumble~grumble~grumble~

I wasn’t about to pay up which is why I asked here :)


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