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On 6/25/21 2:07 AM, Adrian Graham via cctalk wrote:
> Hello folks,


> A random conversation on twitter yesterday lead me to discovering 
> an old 1980s LAN technology called INFAPLUG.

Would you mind sharing link(s) to said conversation?  It sounds like one 
I'd like to learn from / maybe be part of.

> This was a serial LAN hooked up via a PC serial port at 9600 baud to a 
> ’smart plug’ the size of a wall wart. This plug contained all the 
> smarts and hooked into the coax backbone. There were boards available 
> for VAX amongst other things so I’m amazed I’d never heard of it.


> Has anyone else?

I have not.

> A small writeup is here: 

~grumble~grumble~grumble~there goes $14~grumble~grumble~grumble~

I'll read the rest of that chapter once my (new old stock) copy of LANs 
explained arrives.  --  I might even be persuaded to transcribe the 
subsequent page / pertinent parts if there is interest.

I don't actually /blame/ you for sharing the link Adrian.  Well, maybe 
--><-- this much.  ;-)  My predilection for for old computer / 
networking technology is /my/ problem.  And my pocket book's problem, 
but that's a different story.

Aside:  I opted for the (purportedly) new copy that was available via an 
Amazon seller for ~9 + ~4 S&H.  Why not?  It's not that much more than a 
used copy.

> Cheers!


Thank you for sharing Adrian.

P.S.  I'm serious about wanting to check out the Twitter conversation.

Grant. . . .
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