Apple 1 and memorabilia up for auction in Boston (NOT on Epay)

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> It's been estimated by experts that a third to half of the "original
> artwork", previously valued at a total in the tens of billions in museums
> and collectors' places, are counterfeits.

35 years ago I was in Anaheim for DECUS and my work buddy and I met up
with his family and we went to the Getty Museum.  I had previously
spent multiple seasons in Greece doing archeological fieldwork, and my
degree is a BA in History with a Classics specialty.  We walked into
one large chamber and there was this Koros (youth/Apollo statue) from
at least the 7th C BC.  I looked at it and said aloud that it had to
be a fake - it was too good compared to the many I'd seen in museums
and at sites around Greece.

Several years later it was revealed to be a very expensive, but well
executed, forgery.


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