tamayatech let down

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Mon Dec 20 20:48:33 CST 2021

You can always call the credit card company and dispute the charge.


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> I think I should pass on my experience as a warning to others.
> I googled around for a particular PDP-11 board I needed and tamayatech.com
> was a hit, with "buy now" option and condition: refurbished.  Seemed
> convincing and the price was in the sane ballpark.   So I bought it, paid
> through their ecommerce routine, etc.
> Sent a mail thanking them and asking if it would be despatched soon as I
> had work time off in the coming week..  No reply.
> Waited a week and telephoned their phone number from the purchase
> confirmation email.  No answer.  Left message.
> Several (well over ten) repeated email and phone contact attempts through
> the last months (this began early November) to no avail.  There has been
> absolutely no response.  So my conclusion: it looks as though they took my
> credit card and never shipped it, then just ignored me. I hope the fellow's
> okay but feel quite thoroughly ripped off.
> So 'buyer' beware.
> Interestingly their SEO is rather well maintained and punching DEC part
> numbers into Google, etc. often results in a hit to their site.  So they're
> at least keeping that part of the business updated.
> Anybody else with similar experience?  Any way to rectify the situation?
> thx
> jake

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