tamayatech let down

Jacob Ritorto jacob.ritorto at gmail.com
Mon Dec 20 20:32:30 CST 2021

I think I should pass on my experience as a warning to others.

I googled around for a particular PDP-11 board I needed and tamayatech.com
was a hit, with "buy now" option and condition: refurbished.  Seemed
convincing and the price was in the sane ballpark.   So I bought it, paid
through their ecommerce routine, etc.

Sent a mail thanking them and asking if it would be despatched soon as I
had work time off in the coming week..  No reply.

Waited a week and telephoned their phone number from the purchase
confirmation email.  No answer.  Left message.

Several (well over ten) repeated email and phone contact attempts through
the last months (this began early November) to no avail.  There has been
absolutely no response.  So my conclusion: it looks as though they took my
credit card and never shipped it, then just ignored me. I hope the fellow's
okay but feel quite thoroughly ripped off.

So 'buyer' beware.

Interestingly their SEO is rather well maintained and punching DEC part
numbers into Google, etc. often results in a hit to their site.  So they're
at least keeping that part of the business updated.

Anybody else with similar experience?  Any way to rectify the situation?


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