Call for manuals and maybe floppies: IBM 8100

Stan Sieler sieler at
Fri Aug 27 17:38:15 CDT 2021

"My next project once I finish my IBM 1410 FPGA implementation (so, a
couple of years out, probably) would be to write an emulator for the
boat anchor known as the IBM 8100.  I had exposure to these things back
in the 1980s."

I encountered one, once.  Probably 1979, in a small conference room in
building 47U of Hewlett-Packard's Cupertino site.  Sitting all alone in the
room.  I was looking at it, and an HP engineer came in and explained
that they were waiting for IBM service to fix the memory board  ...
the board HP had removed to look at closely :)

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