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>> Do you want the degree?
>> Or do you want to LEARN?
> Fair!
> Both.

I like learning.  Partly it's the good influence of my late father, and I said so in my eulogy.  I keep learning new programming languages, for one thing.  :-)  And I like learning strange stuff.  Some years ago I bought a text book about writing systems and read it with great pleasure.  Some years earlier a textbook about (human) languages and their relationship ("The world's major languages", Bernard Comrie, Ed. -- VERY good).  There are lots of ways to keep your mind exercised.

>> Take a course in your limited "spare time".
>> Then another.
>> and another
>> I did grad school (UC Berkeley) while teaching full time plus running a
>> business, and over 40 years old.
> This may be tricky in a country where I do not usefully speak the
> language ...

That's true.  Studying the language is one example of "learning" you could undertake.  I remember a teleconference with an Indian colleague some years ago.  He had to drop off early because he was going off to Hebrew class -- he had recently joined our team in Tel Aviv.


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