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Fred Cisin cisin at
Tue Oct 13 18:00:43 CDT 2020

>> Take a course in your limited "spare time".
>> Then another.
>> and another
>> I did grad school (UC Berkeley) while teaching full time plus running a
>> business, and over 40 years old.

On Wed, 14 Oct 2020, Liam Proven via cctalk wrote:
> This may be tricky in a country where I do not usefully speak the
> language -- but if we get through the newest pandemic outbreak and out
> the other side next year some time, when Ada is a little older, it's
> worth investigating.
> Thanks for the encouragement.

You can do it!
START SMALL.  One trivial class, first.

My father got his PhD at 38, when I was 7 years old
He never discussed it with us, but I found out that he had needed the 
credibility of the degree for getting grants and projects.

My grad degrees made NO DIFFERENCE AT ALL in my employment - my experience 
had already bumped me up to the top of the heap for my teaching job.

If your sole motivation is the diploma, then it may be problematic and 
frustrating.  But, if you also want to LEARN the material, then even the 
tiniest amount at a time eventually adds up.  And there are so many things 
that are FUN to learn.  I am still checking the class schedules to see 
if/when the Computational Linguistics class gets taught again.  Also the 
bookbinding class!

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