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>> My college friend says Wow, that is a LOT of work!
>> Is there an expectation now that being educated is NOT a lot of work?
> It depends.  In sciences, people understand that it's a lot of work.  In what Robert Heinlein called the "fuzzy subjects", you can often be a party animal who does very little real work and get a degree anyway.  If so, it doesn't mean you learned anything and it doesn't mean the field you picked as a major has any merit or usefulness.

Many moons ago I used to work  in a paper products plant.  I used to
have discussions on philosophy and literature with people with Masters
and even Phd's that stuffed boxes with product just like I did.  It did
help pass the time but seemed somewhat of a waste of a lot of time and
money on their part.

I got my degree four years before my retirement.


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