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Wed Oct 7 13:41:06 CDT 2020

Back in the 1990s, a company I used to work for offered email services
to people running cc:Mail, Lotus Notes, MSMAIL, Pegasus Mail and various
other oddball mail servers (X.400 even) using PMDF on VMS.  PMDF is still
a commercial product but a hobbyist license is available.  PMDF is also
available to run on UNIX (and Windows) but I don't know whether the same
gateways to esoteric systems and hobbyist license are available on those

I recall one of the problems with cc:Mail (and Lotus Notes) was that it
did not not have any concept of "envelope addresses".  This meant that it
was nearly impossible to avoid message loops in the case of undeliverable
messages, especially when mailing lists were involved.

Peter Coghlan.

> Hi,
> Yes, this sounds plausible. You don't happen to remember if it was
> a Lotus/cc:Mail or a third party product?
> I managed something like this for MS mail at one point.
> /Tomas
> On Wed, 07 Oct 2020 17:22:27 +0200, Gavin Scott wrote:
> > These may all be dead short-circuited neurons, but IIRC there was a
> > cc:Mail Gateway or Internet Gateway special product you needed to buy
> > that would run on a dedicated PC box (under DOS?) and would talk in
> > turn to your cc:Mail post office server and the 'net to exchange email
> > messages in and out. It had the semi-annoying habit of retaining
> > plaintext copies of all incoming or outgoing messages (one or the
> > other, I forget which). There was also some non-trivial configuration
> > setup required on both the Gateway and cc:Mail servers to explain all
> > this to cc:Mail. I think there was some sort of route name or gateway
> > name specified with email addresses, possibly with a comma after the
> > internet address, but like I said those brain cells are almost gone.

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