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Wed Oct 7 13:55:23 CDT 2020

On 10/7/20 8:03 AM, Tomas By via cctalk wrote:
> Am wondering about the possibility of setting up an interface between
> modern Unix email and the embedded client for cc:Mail on the HP 200LX.

Translation / regurgitation:  You're wondering about the possibility of 
connecting a cc:Mail Post Office to the Internet email (SMTP/POP3/IMAP) 
ecosystem somehow.  Is that correct?

> Various versions of cc:Mail are available from and
>, but the missing link seems to be the "client" type
> connection from the cc:Mail post office to the internet, i.e. for the
> PO machine to connect periodically and collect mail, rather than just
> acting as a server.

I don't know that I've ever seen, or realized, that there was a utility 
that would retrieve email from a provider via POP3 / IMAP and inject it 
into cc:Mail.  But my ignorance thereof does not preclude it's existence.

I have seen such utilities that re-inject email into a local SMTP based 
solution.  "fetchmail" is one such example.  I also believe that some 
versions of Microsoft Exchange have this capability built in.

> Have not been able to find much technical information about cc:Mail. I
> did see a Lotus development kit for sale somwhere but seems to have
> lost the link.
> Does anybody here know anything about this? Are there any books or
> technical documents on cc:Mail available anywhere?

I'll take a look in my pile of Lotus disks.  (I have an unhealthy 
interest in old networking / email / collaboration technologies.)

I think that I have a few different /Lotus/ things that interface with 
cc:Mail.  I also think that I have some non-Lotus things that will also 
interface with cc:Mail; e.g. Microsoft Exchange and / or Novell 
GroupWise.  I expect that amongst the various plastic coasters that I 
have, possibly combined with other utilities, there is a way to get 
Internet email into and out of your Unix cc:Mail client.

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