Tomas By tomas at
Wed Oct 7 11:05:49 CDT 2020


Yes, this sounds plausible. You don't happen to remember if it was
a Lotus/cc:Mail or a third party product?

I managed something like this for MS mail at one point.


On Wed, 07 Oct 2020 17:22:27 +0200, Gavin Scott wrote:
> These may all be dead short-circuited neurons, but IIRC there was a
> cc:Mail Gateway or Internet Gateway special product you needed to buy
> that would run on a dedicated PC box (under DOS?) and would talk in
> turn to your cc:Mail post office server and the 'net to exchange email
> messages in and out. It had the semi-annoying habit of retaining
> plaintext copies of all incoming or outgoing messages (one or the
> other, I forget which). There was also some non-trivial configuration
> setup required on both the Gateway and cc:Mail servers to explain all
> this to cc:Mail. I think there was some sort of route name or gateway
> name specified with email addresses, possibly with a comma after the
> internet address, but like I said those brain cells are almost gone.

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