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These may all be dead short-circuited neurons, but IIRC there was a
cc:Mail Gateway or Internet Gateway special product you needed to buy
that would run on a dedicated PC box (under DOS?) and would talk in
turn to your cc:Mail post office server and the 'net to exchange email
messages in and out. It had the semi-annoying habit of retaining
plaintext copies of all incoming or outgoing messages (one or the
other, I forget which). There was also some non-trivial configuration
setup required on both the Gateway and cc:Mail servers to explain all
this to cc:Mail. I think there was some sort of route name or gateway
name specified with email addresses, possibly with a comma after the
internet address, but like I said those brain cells are almost gone.

On Wed, Oct 7, 2020 at 9:04 AM Tomas By via cctalk
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> And one more thing,
> Am wondering about the possibility of setting up an interface between
> modern Unix email and the embedded client for cc:Mail on the HP 200LX.
> Various versions of cc:Mail are available from and
>, but the missing link seems to be the "client" type
> connection from the cc:Mail post office to the internet, i.e. for the
> PO machine to connect periodically and collect mail, rather than just
> acting as a server.
> Have not been able to find much technical information about cc:Mail. I
> did see a Lotus development kit for sale somwhere but seems to have
> lost the link.
> Does anybody here know anything about this? Are there any books or
> technical documents on cc:Mail available anywhere?
> /Tomas

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