Odd vintage computer sellers

Ali cctalk at ibm51xx.net
Thu Jan 2 17:49:09 CST 2020

> I think much of this has to do with changes Ebay made in 2019. The
> only sellers that can really survive on Ebay now are high volume & low
> margin, or low volume & high margin. There is no money to be made in
> the middle with reasonable prices, and many of those sellers that are
> reasonable have moved elsewhere.

Huh? What changes from eBay? Aside from tax which was driven by the states nothing has really changed. 

Prices are going up (mostly) because people think they can get higher prices. And why not? When people are paying $2000 for a video card and $1500 for a KB everybody think they are sitting on a stash of gold. 

I see sellers listing the same item year after year with no change in price. You would think they would want to move the inventory but not so. The inventory was bought super cheap, has been sitting in a warehouse (forgotten) for years, and is effectively free (i.e. other inventory is paying for rent and overhead) so no need to drop the price. In fact if anything this is an impetus to raise price because it is now even harder to find as all the reasonably priced units have been sold already... 

I recently wanted to buy an EISA card - seller has 5 listed at 19.95 plus S&H w/ best offer. They also go on "sale" regularly for 15-20% off. He has had them for years (I needed a replacement for one I bought for $9.95 shipped a couple of years back). I contacted them to make sure they were really in stock and check on the revision of the board and suddenly price is $51. Now you tell me what does eBay have anything to do with this price increase?

Prices are up because economy is good -> more people with cash to spend on hobbies/wants vs. needs -> inflation (sellers charging more because they can) -> prices up. 

Just my two worthless cents...


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