Howard Fullmer, Parasitic Engineering Altair Clock Fix Kit...

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Fri Feb 21 21:03:07 CST 2020

>> Howard Fullmer created a "beefier" power supply, and other peripherals, 
>> for the Altair.  Ed Roberts said that people selling aftermarket 
>> peripherals were "parasites", so Howard named his company "Parasitic 
>> Engineering"
>> . . .
>> He and George Morrow put out early proposals for standardizing S100. 
>> Later, he was chief engineer for Morrow.

On Sat, 22 Feb 2020, Smith, Wayne via cctalk wrote:
> It appears that he died on 4/25/96 at age 48.  His last address was in Hayward.


Murray, are you listening?

Many GREAT people have died forgotten and unnoticed.

Howard Fullmer and George Morrow tried [admittedly not completely 
unsuccessfully] to standardize the S100 bus.  And he was responsible for 
numerous significant innovations at Morrow Designs (once "Thinker Toys") 
There were some dirty tricks played that got the enormous IRS contract 
awarded to Zenith instead of Morrow, which was a large part of the death 
of the company rather than it continuing to be a leader.

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