Parasitic Engineering Altair Clock Fix Kit...

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> Howard Fullmer created a "beefier" power supply for the Altair.  Ed 
> Roberts said that people selling aftermarket peripherals were "parasites", 
> so Howard named his company "Parasitic Engineering".
> He later produced the "Shuffleboard" (daughterboard) set for TRS80 that 
> changed the memory map to be CP/M compatible, and an adapter 
> (daughterboard) to change the exp-ansion interface to support 8" single 
> density.   (4th West Coast Computer Faire 1979)
> He and George Morrow put out early proposals for standardizing S100.
> Later, he was chief engineer for Morrow.
> He is no longer at the same addresses in north Berkeley and Albany.
> I heard a rumor that he had died, but I have been unable to find more 
> information.  George Morrow, who would know, is also dead.
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It appears that he died on 4/25/96 at age 48.  His last address was in Hayward.


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