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Stefan Skoglund stefan.skoglund at agj.net
Tue Feb 18 05:49:28 CST 2020

tis 2020-02-18 klockan 02:50 -0700 skrev Jim Manley via cctalk:
> Not everyone on this list was even alive when much of this happened,
> and
> others of us were busy dealing with other very important things going
> on in
> The Real World then, so this is a very interesting story for many.
> Anyone willing to do business with the terrorists in Iran knew why
> they
> were getting the big bucks to do it.  It's like being surprised when
> you
> get eaten while swimming with Great White sharks - it's in their
> nature.  A
> regime that repeatedly violates sovereign foreign territory in the
> form of
> embassies and consulates should have been cut off from the rest of
> the world on Day One until they dried up and blew away.  They laugh
> when
> others treat them with civility and grant them unearned respect as a
> legitimate government.

Remember the Monroe doctrine ?
Including the overthrow of the monarchy of Hawaii (or Texas for that
matter) so whom is/was the bigger shark ?

With regards to the Iranian money:
the US previously accepted the arbitration.

Would the US prefer to not use arbitration at all ? Then it would be a
simple matter of who is the strongest.

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