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Not everyone on this list was even alive when much of this happened, and
others of us were busy dealing with other very important things going on in
The Real World then, so this is a very interesting story for many.

Anyone willing to do business with the terrorists in Iran knew why they
were getting the big bucks to do it.  It's like being surprised when you
get eaten while swimming with Great White sharks - it's in their nature.  A
regime that repeatedly violates sovereign foreign territory in the form of
embassies and consulates should have been cut off from the rest of
the world on Day One until they dried up and blew away.  They laugh when
others treat them with civility and grant them unearned respect as a
legitimate government.

The Enigma machines were made by a company that produced earlier commercial
versions that didn't have the plugboard on the front of the Enigmas, and
the rotors were wired differently from those provided for the Enigmas. The
commercial predecessors were common in banks and larger businesses that
needed to maintain the confidentiality of company-internal and/or customer
information, and that needed to be communicated quickly to distant

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> >
> https://www.washingtonpost.com/graphics/2020/world/national-security/cia-crypto-encryption-machines-espionage/?fbclid=IwAR2s7TrU9nXVXx4kUy-n7-LnXz3GM754uEzJjlPeTRa-TrOWhqm_QcH1HUI

> Very old news, I am afraid.

> n a related note : Enigma type machines were used in the Swisss army. A
> few of these found their way in the Swiss army surplus shop, sold for a
> pittance.
> If only  I had  known  then that these would be worth between 50-100K USD
> today....

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