Network cards and Win98SE

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On Tue, 14 May 2019 at 20:02, Grant Taylor via cctalk
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> The OP wanted a way to get a computer on the network, preferably
> wireless, or wired.

No, not really. The OP was trying to get wifi working on Win98. That's
not the same thing.

You jumped to a conclusion.

Then, you declared, rudely,  the OP that they should buy something, by
repeatedly, derisively, using a name that might be meaningful to
millennial gamers, but is _not_ to a bunch of old-timer high-level

Also, your idea meant going out and spending money on something new,
when this is a community of people who you could reasonably expect to
favour the approach of doing something difficult but functional with
existing tech that they already own.

You told someone who is trying to do something on a 20-25 year old OS
in order that they can connect to a 40 year old OS, that they should
be buying a peripheral for a games console.

> The type of device I suggested

[1] You did not "suggest". You hectored, rudely.

> very early did exactly what the OP
> wanted.

[2] You did not _explain_ that. You just repeated some buzzword phrase
nobody else here knows.

> Said device took a wired connection and bridged it to the
> wireless network.  That seems very relevant to me.

[3] You didn't explain that, either.

> I suspect the conversation would have gone differently if I didn't call
> the device a "gaming adapter" and instead called it a "client ap" /
> "network bridge" / "wired to wireless converter" or just about anything
> else that didn't have the word "game" in it.

You mean if you addressed the OP and the rest of us as competent
adults instead of poking fun?

Shock horror, yeah, that might have worked better.

> I called it a "gaming adapter" — while saying "broadly" to allow room
> for interpretation / difference of opinion / etc — because that's what
> I've frequently heard them called in man different areas in the U.S.


> I'm not saying that's the proper or best name.

Yeah you were.

> I was taken aback at some of the responses that I perceived as "I don't
> have anything to do with gaming and anything related gaming can't
> possibly solve my problem or fulfill my need".  This is particularly
> surprising because I'm used to the cctalk community being open minded

They are, until someone comes along and starts implying they are
stupid, which is what you did.

> I have found this conversation to be eye opening in a number of
> different ways.  I knew, but have seen confirmation in the thread, that
> different people know things as different names, and describe things
> based on what they know.  More power to them.  I've also expanded my
> working definitions of things.

Good. Have you worked out _why_ people were upset with you? Have you
worked out what you did and how not to do it again? Have you decided
to change?

Look, *I* am someone who has, justly, been told off for being rude and
dismissive here. I very much fear that I have caused people to quit
the list, and I bitterly regret that.

But I have tried hard to *learn* from that, and I do not want to do it again.

Whereas you seem to feel that you were in the right all along and
we've overreacted.

I think you should reconsider and try to use this as a learning experience.

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