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Tue May 14 13:02:34 CDT 2019

On 5/14/19 10:36 AM, Liam Proven via cctalk wrote:
> Some kind of toy attachment. Not really relevant to the discussion, 

The OP wanted a way to get a computer on the network, preferably 
wireless, or wired.

The type of device I suggested very early did exactly what the OP 
wanted.  Said device took a wired connection and bridged it to the 
wireless network.  That seems very relevant to me.

I suspect the conversation would have gone differently if I didn't call 
the device a "gaming adapter" and instead called it a "client ap" / 
"network bridge" / "wired to wireless converter" or just about anything 
else that didn't have the word "game" in it.

I called it a "gaming adapter" — while saying "broadly" to allow room 
for interpretation / difference of opinion / etc — because that's what 
I've frequently heard them called in man different areas in the U.S. 
I'm not saying that's the proper or best name.  I am saying that's what 
I and many people in the circles that I travel know them as.  Or at 
least know that multiple different devices can function as a "gaming 

I was taken aback at some of the responses that I perceived as "I don't 
have anything to do with gaming and anything related gaming can't 
possibly solve my problem or fulfill my need".  This is particularly 
surprising because I'm used to the cctalk community being open minded 
and realizing that the exact same thing, or different things that do the 
same function can go by many different names / descriptions.  Further, I 
think many in the cctalk community are likely known among their friends 
for taking something and using it for something completely tangential to 
it's original purpose.

I am thankful that it seems like there's been nothing more than ruffled 
feathers.  I'm grateful that we have all been adults and not restored to 
name calling or mud slinging.

I have found this conversation to be eye opening in a number of 
different ways.  I knew, but have seen confirmation in the thread, that 
different people know things as different names, and describe things 
based on what they know.  More power to them.  I've also expanded my 
working definitions of things.

I still maintain that the device that connects a device with a wired 
Ethernet connection to a Wireless network is relevant to the discussion. 
  I and many people I talk to classify that device as a "gaming adapter."

Grant. . . .
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