RS/6000 7043-140 boot floppies

Tapley, Mark mtapley at
Mon Feb 18 18:03:47 CST 2019

> On Feb 18, 2019, at 4:42 PM, Alan Perry <aperry at> wrote:
> Yes, it has a CD drive. Do you recall what month the discussion was so I know where to start looking in the list archive?
> It sounds as if Solaris doesn't run on the 604e in the 43p/7043 (I will never understand IBM model designations); I just want to make the system usable at this point.
> alan

	it was February last year (2018), probably Feb 1 - Feb. 3. 
	The short story for how to do this is presented at:

	I did need to obtain an IBMid to read the web page completely, and I started with a CD labelled “AIX V4.2.1 for 5765-C34”. As you will see if you read the thread, subject "Password reset for ~1998 AIX on RS/6000?”, other alternatives exist, but this was all I needed.
	Hope this helps! Let me know if you need any other pointers.
									- Mark

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