Free: 2x DEC Alpha workstations - 164LX and XP1000

Zane Healy healyzh at
Mon Feb 18 11:32:43 CST 2019

For anyone that isn’t familiar with the XP1000, it’s seriously worth rescuing.  It’s a Compaq system with an Alpha 21264 CPU in it.  Basically it is something like a DEC PWS 433au/500au/600au.  Good for both OpenVMS and Tru64.  I know they made at least a 500Mhz and 667Mhz version (I have both).  These have the added advantage of not needing custom RAM.  I use RAM for PC servers in mine.


> On Feb 18, 2019, at 9:26 AM, K. Arun via cctalk <cctalk at> wrote:
> Hello,
> I have a couple of Alpha workstations that were last used 5-6 years ago
> with some version of Tru64 on them. They haven't been turned on since, and
> may need some work to get running again. They're free to anyone who thinks
> they can use them, and can pick them up from the 78722 zip code (near UT
> Austin).  Please contact me off-list to co-ordinate pickup.
> Thanks,
> Arun

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