Kemners Surplus - Real time walkthrough

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True, there were large reels on a rack, most were educational films.

There was a room dedicated to tube radios, most were in very rough shape

Also a room with reel-to-reel audio decks from AKAI, Teac and other brands
that looked nice. Phonographs of varying decade, a bunch of camcorders and
film cameras of various format.
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> There were a couple hp XY plotters that had the mylar plate delaminating.
> I've reworked these with model airplane mono coat. I'd be interested in one
> of these if they'd not been to far away.
> If you do a search, there is also a youtube video of a more extended walk
> through. The fellow was also a collector of 16mm films. He has racks and
> racks of them. He has a lot of tubes and a few old radios. The fellow doing
> the video was not to interested in these things.
> Dwight
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> Any idea what that blue Data General machine was?  Some kind of terminal
> server?

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