Kemners Surplus - Real time walkthrough

Guy Dunphy guykd at
Sun Feb 17 21:29:00 CST 2019

At 01:51 PM 16/02/2019 -0500, you wrote:
>Hi everyone,
>I heard Kemners Surplus in Pottstown, PA was going away so I decided to pay
>them a visit. I'm taking pictures of as much vintage computing gear as I
>can as we speak. I'll be here until they close today at 5pm EST, so if you
>see something you like feel free to give them a call and I'll help them
>Photos updated as I walk through, here:

That's a lot of visual fun, thanks for the photos. There is NO SUCH THING in Australia.
There were still a small number when I was a child (1960-70s), all long gone now.

>If you see something you like it'd be great if you could check if I'm
>interested first until I'm finished today. ;]
>Hope this helps someone, they shut down soon!

I see 4 Boxes of punch cards. All blank?

Too bad he wants $25 a box. And it's on the East coast, not West coast near my LA reshipper (to Australia.)
And I'm near broke again, after this: 


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