PDP-11 disk image question

Bill Gunshannon bill.gunshannon at hotmail.com
Sat Feb 16 07:55:10 CST 2019

So, I used SIMH to do an install of a complete OS on
an RA81 disk.  I would like to  move this to a real disk
and try it on a real PDP-11.  Is there a way to do this
using dd on a BSD machine?  I tried but it created a
non bootable system.  Well, actually, it starts to boot
but then fails very early in the startup process.  I used
"dd if=filename of=raw-device bs=1024".  Could it be that
the block size needs to be something else?

I know that VTServer and PDPGUI can move disk images but
it would take a week at 9600 baud and I think very little
likelihood of it ever completing successfully.


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