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Hello Folks!

I've put together another batch of items as I continue to wade through my
warehouse and winnow out the wonders:

HP 2116C System Manual #1
HP 2116C System Manual #2
HP 2116C System Manual #3
HP 2116C Power Cord
Using the HP 3000: An Introduction to Interactive Programming
Tandy WP-2 Portable Word Processor
M7859 KY11-LB Console Interface
Kraft 3-button PC Mouse
Mouse Systems 3-button PC Mouse
Zenith Z-Box External ISA Expansion Chassis
Novell IBM NIC ShareNet Board
Epson External 5.25" Floppy Drive
SuperMac Technology DataFrame DF20 20MB external hard disk
ClubMac C104 External SCSI CD-ROM Drive
Midiman Mini MacMan Macintosh MIDI Interface
Passport MIDI Interface for Macintosh
Neutronics Hexadigit S-100 Bus Monitor
Gimix Ghost 32K RAM
Compaq SLT/286 portable
VTech The Equalizer Laptop
IBM Model M Keyboard
IBM Model M Keyboard
IBM Model M Keyboard
IBM Model M Keyboard

The main index for these and other fine items is here:


I've put some work into the index and improved it so that links keep
properly updated as new items are added or sold items are removed (whereas
before the index links in the New Arrivals Niche would get hopelessly out
of sync). However, I believe there might have been some problems with the
links before so if you saw an item you liked and the link did not lead to
it and you assumed it was sold, please check again. From this point going
forward, all links (above the notice in the sheet) should stay in sync.

I've been preoccupied for the last few months with personal business and
haven't been able to put a lot of time into curating the collection for
sales but I am trying to catch up. There are a couple people that are
waiting on me and I haven't forgotten about you. I will get caught up
shortly and I thank you for your patience.

As always, please contact me directly by e-mail via 
<sellam.ismail at gmail.com>
to make an order or an offer.



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