IBM 3174 C 6.4 Microcode Disks?

Grant Taylor cctalk at
Thu Feb 14 21:52:25 CST 2019

On 2/14/19 8:28 PM, Kevin Monceaux via cctalk wrote:
> I'm finally in possession of a box that hopefully is capable or can be 
> made capable of connecting a real terminal to Hercules.  It's a 3174 11L. 
> It was retired last year where I work.  I finally got the okay to save 
> it from being sent to a scrapper.  I love the build quality of older 
> IBM gear, except when I'm trying to move such gear.  Between the 3174 
> and a 9406-520 I also acquired, I pulled or strained something in my 
> left arm moving them into place.

Nice haul.

> It has a token ring card.  I will probably be able to get the MAU it 
> was connected to, and possibly the router that acted as a token ring to 
> Ethernet bridge.

I'm quite interested in the network configuration.

You mentioned telnet, which largely implies TCP/IP, which in combination 
with Token Ring means specific things.  Things which I question about 
how much of a "bridge" the device was as much as a gateway.

Or, if it's telnet like, but not actually telnet ~> TCP/IP, then it 
could be other things, but I think they are more problematic to "bridge" 
to Ethernet.

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