Looking for: 68000 C compilers

Ron Pool amp1ron at gmail.com
Thu Feb 7 10:34:27 CST 2019

The CP/M-68K 1.0x source distribution at
http://www.uxpro.com/cpm/www.cpm.z80.de/source.html includes a VAX/VMS
distribution of Digital Research's 68K cross development software for
VAX/VMS.  After unpacking the source distribution, look in v102/cross for
that distribution.  Excerpt from v102/cross/install.doc:

            This  document  describes  the  installation  and  execution
       procedures  for  the  Digital  Research  68000  cross development
       software for VAX/VMS.  This software  includes  the  C  compiler,
       assembler,  linker,  archiver, symbol table print utility, object
       module size utility,  and  S-Record  conversion  utility.   These
       tools execute in much the same fashion as they do under CP/M-68K,
       as documented in the CP/M-68K Programmer's Guide.

-- Ron

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