HP 1000 L series, parts available, anyone ??

GerardCJAT gerardcjat at free.fr
Tue Feb 5 00:46:41 CST 2019

I own a HP 1000 L series 200
Cards are badly corroded at connectors level  BUT some other parts are in very good shape.

I can offer, 

HP "special SoS" processors    :  1AA6-60004,  1AC5,   1AB5,  1AF5 ( - 60001 )

The set of (3) Eprom .... 
I cannot image them, but I am willing to send them to someone that will do it.
Al. may be ?

The power supply seems in pristine state. Just have to check more closely if needed.

Other parts ? .... just ask.

"fee" :    Eprom, free
             Processors : shipping cost
             Power supply : shipping cost + a little more for packing material and my time.

I am in France, close to Paris.

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