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Mon Apr 8 22:15:05 CDT 2019

> >>/I hit on the idea of using 16mm move film plastic "cans". Much to my />>/surprise, I found that there is still an active market for these things. /
> On Mon, 8 Apr 2019, Kevin Monceaux via cctalk wrote:
> >/My small 16mm collection is stored on an open reel tape cart. /
> I wonder how tape rings would do on 16mm reels?
You mean the write rings?  They're fixed at the hub size....

As for write rings, most sites had more than they actually need, many
times over.  You really only need as many as you have tape drives...

I've always wanted to make an Olympics logo out of write wrings, but
never could find all the right colors.

I have a couple black ones around the gearshift in my car (like horseshoes).

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