More stuff looking for a good home

Bill Gunshannon bill.gunshannon at
Fri Apr 5 12:04:10 CDT 2019

Here's a list of some more stuff if anyone is interested in making
reasonable offers.  Probably the last I will have before my demise
when my wife will likely send everything that's left to the skip.

MODULE     Description                                                QTY

M9202      UNIBUS connector                                            3
M9302      UNIBUS TERM                                                 2
ADAC 1632TTL                                                           3
ADAC 1616/32HCO                                                        1
Plessey Peripherals  703185-100C & 701877-100  with Cable              1
Data Translation DT2769/EP057 REV F                                    1
Data Translation DT2769/EP057 REV J                                    1
Data Translation DT15150/EP075 Dual D/A Converter Module
M3106 4 Line Async Mux                                                 1
M3106 4 Line Async Mux (w/broken handle)                               1
M9060 LOAD MODULE                                                      1
M8017-AA  Async Line Interface                                         1
M8017 Async Line Interface    (w/broken handle and berg socket)        1
G7273      NPG AND BUS GRANT CONTINUITY                                5

RL Disk Drive Terminators                                              4

MV-II Function Select / SLU Module                                     1

A few modules that I ecpect are rare but of limited interest.

Terak 8510 Memory and Video module w/bulkhead connector                1
Terak 8510 Floppy Module    w/bulkhead connector                       2
Terak 8510 Floppy Module    wo/bulkhead connector                      2
Terak 8510 RS-232 Serial Module  w/bulkhead connector                  4
Terak 8510 RS-232 bulkhead connectors                                  3
Terak 8510 Video bulkhead connectors                                   2

Condition of the Terak Modules can not be verified.
They were functional at the time they were removed
but I no longer have any functional Teraks to test

Shipping would be the smallest size USPS "If it fits it ships" box
so you can plan accordingly.


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