Missing FORRTL

Douglas Taylor dj.taylor4 at comcast.net
Tue Nov 20 21:50:42 CST 2018

On 11/20/2018 6:02 AM, Peter Coghlan via cctalk wrote:
>> I'm trying to use the Compaq/HP Extended Math Library  (CXML) on a 
>> DEC Alpha under AXP Openvms 8.4 - Hobbyist License.
>> Fortran 8.2 and CXML were part of the Hobbyist distribution I 
>> downloaded.
>> CXML complains that FORRTL is not present or the version is too low, 
>> (it is not present - $Product show product - )
>> What am I missing?
> I haven't used CXML but I have done a lot of FORTRAN.
> As far as I understand it, language specific runtime libraries 
> including the
> FORTRAN one come with the base operating system and do not normally 
> show up
> separately in $ PRODUCT SHOW PRODUCT.
> In VAX days, the relevant file was SYS$SHARE:FORRTL.EXE.  On Alpha, it 
> looks
> likely to be SYS$SHARE:DEC$FORRTL.EXE, however, it may not be quite that
> simple as there are also other translated images present which may be 
> accessed
> using a logical name - $ SHOW LOGICICAL *FORRTL*
> Try writing a Hello World FORTRAN program.  If that runs ok, your FORTRAN
> runtime library is at least present and you probably need to 
> concentrate on
> finding a newer version.
> If you have the extended message help installed, $ HELP /MESSAGE
> may give you some helpful hints about whatever error message you are 
> getting.
> Regards,
> Peter Coghlan.

was put there when the Fortran compiler was installed.  I can compile, 
link and run ordinary Fortran programs.   However, I forced the 
installation of CXML and tried to compile one of the examples and that 
failed - couldn't find INCLUDE 'CXMLDEF.FOR'.

I found this on the net and shows CXML installed in a different version 
of OpenVMS -

The system is a Digital Personal Workstation 500au:

   $ product show product *
   ----------------------------------- ----------- ------------

   PRODUCT                             KIT TYPE    STATE
   ----------------------------------- ----------- ------------
   DEC AXPVMS CXML V3.59-1             Full LP     Installed
   DEC AXPVMS DECNET_PHASE_IV V7.2-1   Full LP     Installed
   DEC AXPVMS DWMOTIF V1.2-5           Full LP     Installed
   DEC AXPVMS FORRTL V7.3-1            Full LP     Installed
   DEC AXPVMS FORTRAN V7.3-1           Full LP     Installed
   DEC AXPVMS NS_NAV_EXPORT V3.3       Full LP     Installed
   DEC AXPVMS OPENVMS V7.2-1           Platform    Installed
   DEC AXPVMS TCPIP V5.0-10            Full LP     Installed
   DEC AXPVMS VMS V7.2-1               Oper System Installed
   ----------------------------------- ----------- ------------
   9 items found

and what I see is that there is a FORTRAN, FORRTL and CXML product 
installed.  I can't seem to find anything about the FORRTL product.


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