Missing FORRTL

Peter Coghlan cctalk at beyondthepale.ie
Thu Nov 22 06:21:57 CST 2018

> Yes, there is a SYS$SHARE:DEC$FORRTL.EXE in SYS$COMMON:[SYSLIB], which 
> was put there when the Fortran compiler was installed.  I can compile, 
> link and run ordinary Fortran programs.   

There should have been a SYS$SHARE:DEC$FORRTL.EXE present from when the
operating system was installed but installing the FORTRAN compiler may
have updated it. 

> However, I forced the 
> installation of CXML and tried to compile one of the examples and that 
> failed - couldn't find INCLUDE 'CXMLDEF.FOR'.

This is a missing source include file and is not related to the run time
library.  It is needed at compile time, not at run time.  I suspect it is
normally found in what VMS calls a text library file, probably matching
SYS$SHARE:*DEF.TLB - include files used by the FORTRAN compiler are to be
found in SYS$SHARE:FORSYSDEF.TLB for example.  (These are binary files - you
can use LIBRARY /LIST to list their contents or LIBRARY /EXTRACT to examine
a particular member.) On the other hand, there may not be a text library
file involved and CXML may be expecting to find a plain text file called
CXMLDEF.FOR - it might be worth looking for this in and around SYS$EXAMPLES:

> I found this on the net and shows CXML installed in a different version 
> of OpenVMS -
> The system is a Digital Personal Workstation 500au:
>    $ product show product *
>    ----------------------------------- ----------- ------------
>    PRODUCT                             KIT TYPE    STATE
>    ----------------------------------- ----------- ------------
>    DEC AXPVMS CXML V3.59-1             Full LP     Installed
>    DEC AXPVMS DECNET_PHASE_IV V7.2-1   Full LP     Installed
>    DEC AXPVMS DWMOTIF V1.2-5           Full LP     Installed
>    DEC AXPVMS FORRTL V7.3-1            Full LP     Installed
>    DEC AXPVMS FORTRAN V7.3-1           Full LP     Installed
>    DEC AXPVMS NS_NAV_EXPORT V3.3       Full LP     Installed
>    DEC AXPVMS OPENVMS V7.2-1           Platform    Installed
>    DEC AXPVMS TCPIP V5.0-10            Full LP     Installed
>    DEC AXPVMS VMS V7.2-1               Oper System Installed
>    ----------------------------------- ----------- ------------
>    9 items found
> and what I see is that there is a FORTRAN, FORRTL and CXML product 
> installed.  I can't seem to find anything about the FORRTL product.

When a relatively new compiler is installed on an older operating system (V7.2-1
in this case), it is sometimes necessary to update the run time library in
order to take advantage of some of the new features provided by the compiler.
I can't recall if this has to be done separately or if it happens automatically
(if appropriate) when the compiler is installed.  I think the latter.

A newer run time library than the one that comes with VMS 8.4 may not be

If you installed FORTRAN first and then CXML, it may be worth trying the other
way around in case CXML is getting confused by an updated run time library
provided by the FORTRAN install.  Unfortunately, I can't see an easy way to
get back where you started from except by starting with a fresh install of
the operating system.

Anyway, if the CXML install allowed you to continue even though it complained
about the run time library, I think there will be few consequences.  I imagine
things will just work once you solve the missing include file problem.

Peter Coghlan.

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