what is this NCR modem? what did it go to?

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thanks  for  dates. yes that all makes sense. some how my  mind  slipped a  
I a looking  for a  GE  Diginet tdm-114 acoustic   coupler.
2  reasons,  GE  computer  related
but also my  first  acoustic  coupler I had   with  an ASR-35 teletype
I am also looking  for the  top mental plate that covers an  ASR-35  punch  
( drop me a  line off list  if you have either  you want to  sell/trade/?)
thanks  ed#  _www.smecc.org_ (http://www.smecc.org)  
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> does the 71 sate seem  early?

No, a 1971 date does not seem too early.

The price seems  steep, even for a "relatively" early modem.

Bell 103 (300bps) dates  from 1962.
The Bell 101 (110 baud) was 1958.

SCROTUS "Carterfone"  was 1968  (ruling permitting direct connect)

Bell 212A (1200bps)  came out in 1976.

The Livermore Data Systems modems that I sold off  were from about 1964?

1970-1972, when I was working at Goddard Space  Flight Center (Bldg 26, 
"National Space Sciences Data Center"), we used a  time-sharing system for 
APL.   APL type ball on Selectric  terminal.

Yes, 1971 is prior to most mass-marketed "personal  computers" 
(1978?: Apple, PET, TRS80).
But there were  teminals.

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