Livermore Data Systems / was Re: what is this NCR modem? what did it go to?

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Tue Nov 28 17:06:22 CST 2017

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> Thanks for the additional datapoint.
> It does suggest Model A production may likely have started in 1968.
> Actual date codes in mine were 6908 to 7008.
> The larger caps are also a good place to look for date codes.
> I did the schematic, if you have an interest.
> Eventually I'll get a little web article up for the model.
For the record, I'm not sure what model I have as the deteriorated foam
from the top cover fell and stuck to the Livermore label between the two
cups and clean up wiped off most of the info.  Mine has a Motorola MC836P
IC on the middle board that has a date code of 7206.

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