Couplers for Sun DB13W3<->VGA DE15 adapter

tony duell ard at
Sun Oct 25 02:21:51 CDT 2015

> I'm wondering what I can put between the two to keep the cable from
> disconnecting from the adapter. Some searches seem to indicate I want
> some 4x40 (or 4-40) female-female (coupling) nuts; does this seem
> correct?

The normal thread for the jackscrews on a D connector is indeed 4-40 UNC.
That's 'UNified Coarse', diameter size 4 with 40 threads per inch.

If you have the male screws in the connector then what you need are some
coupling nuts, threaded spacers, or whatever the suppplier calls them with
that thread. Some PC-builder shops sell them. I've been known to take a bit
of hexagonal rod and drill/tap it, but unless you have the tools for that it is
easier to buy them.


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