Couplers for Sun DB13W3<->VGA DE15 adapter

Joseph Lang joe.lang.0000 at
Sun Oct 25 06:07:36 CDT 2015

4-40 is the correct size. I would remove the jack screws on one side and replace with sockets. If you use standoffs the screws May bottom out too soon.

> On Oct 24, 2015, at 5:47 PM, Eric Christopherson <echristopherson at> wrote:
> I have a Sun machine with a 13W3 framebuffer output, which is connected
> via a Monoprice VGA adapter to my LCD monitor. It works great, but the
> ends of the standoff bolts without nuts come together where the VGA
> cable meets the adapter; that is to say, the VGA cable's nuts are on the
> far side of the shell from its male end, and the adapter's nuts are on
> the far side of the shell from its female end.
> I'm wondering what I can put between the two to keep the cable from
> disconnecting from the adapter. Some searches seem to indicate I want
> some 4x40 (or 4-40) female-female (coupling) nuts; does this seem
> correct?
> -- 
>        Eric Christopherson

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